Commission Policy

Last Update: January 2024

This Commission Policy (the “Policy”) of XERA (“XERA”, “we”, “our”) outlines the terms and conditions specifically governing the claiming of commissions for rewards and benefits (the “Services”), obtained through our third-party partner services, referred to as "Third-Party Partner Websites” by the users (the “User(s)”, “you”, “your”).


1.1. All commissions earned by Users from Services offered by Third-Party Partner Websites can be claimed through the XERA platform, subject to the terms and conditions of this Policy.

1.2. You must abide by the terms of this Policy, and any other applicable XERA Policies which may apply, at all times. Failure to adhere to any of the Policies may make you ineligible to receive commission.

1.3. Further, as you will be utilizing Third-Party Partner Websites, you must also abide by the relevant Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and any other applicable policies of those Third-Party Partner Websites at all times. Failure to adhere to any of the policies may make you ineligible to receive commission.


2.1. Third-Party Partner Websites are our trusted collaborative partners with whom Users can engage to access rewards, benefits, or commission-based services. These Third-Party Partner Websites are selected based on mutually beneficial agreements and established commercial relationships with XERA.


3.1. To claim commissions earned from Third-Party Partner Websites, Users must adhere to the following process:

3.1.1. Users are required to register and verify their XERA account as per the Terms and Conditions.

3.1.2 Users should provide accurate and complete information to ensure a smooth process.

3.1.3. Commission claims must be submitted through the designated portal on the XERA platform.

3.1.4. Users may be required to provide supporting documentation or proof of commissions earned, as per the specific requirements of Third-Party Partner Websites if applicable.


4.1. Commissions will be disbursed to Users in accordance with the terms and conditions set by us. Please note that the disbursement process may vary depending on the Third-Party Partner Websites policies and payment methods.


5.1. Users can track their commission earnings and status through their XERA account. It is the User's responsibility to monitor and verify the accuracy of commission information and report immediately to the Platform in case of any inconsistency thereof.


6.1. Any disputes related to commission earnings should be reported promptly to our customer support team. We will investigate and work to resolve such disputes in a fair and transparent manner.


7.1. Users agree and acknowledge that the XERA Platform reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Policy, including but not limited to the compensation plan, payment structure, manner, method, and associated fees for its services. Any changes made to this Policy including to the compensation plan, payment structure, or fees shall be implemented in a one-directional manner by our XERA platform.

7.2. XERA shall provide a minimum of fifteen (15) days advance notice to Users regarding any changes to this Policy including but not limited to the compensation plan, payment structure, and associated fees. Notice shall be provided through electronic means, including email, notifications within the XERA Platform, or other communication channels as deemed appropriate by XERA.


8.1. In case of any questions or assistance regarding our Commissions Policy, please contact our customer support team at

8.2. By engaging with Third-Party Partner Websites and using the XERA platform, Users acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this Policy along with Third-Party Partner Websites terms and conditions and privacy and cookie policies, which are understood as integral parts of this document.

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