Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure


Last Update: February 2024

1. Third-Party Services Risk: XERA acts as an intermediary platform, providing intermediary services between Users and third-party partner services, referred to as "Third-Party Partner Websites”. XERA does not hold any direct or indirect control of the products and services provided by these Third-Party Partner Websites. Any issues or risks related to these Products, Services, Websites, and/or Platforms must be resolved with the respective Third-Party Partner Websites and are outside the ambit of XERA’s control.

2. Service Availability Risk: The service’s availability on Third-Party Partner Websites may be changed based on the sole discretion of the Third-Party Partner Websites. XERA has no control over the operation of the Third-Party Partner Websites and, therefore, cannot guarantee the availability of any services provided by the Third-Party Partner Websites.

3. Data Security and Privacy Risk: Sharing login credentials across different Third-Party Partner Websites involves transmitting your authentication details from XERA to external websites and servers. Although we implement security measures to protect your information, using shared credentials introduces risks of unauthorized access if there is a security breach or vulnerability in any of the interconnected systems.

4. User Behavior Monitoring Risk: The shared login functionality enables Third-Party Partner Websites to track your activity across multiple platforms using the same credentials. While this is designed to improve your user experience, likewise your behavior and interactions across different Third-Party Partner Websites can be correlated and potentially impact your privacy.

5. Third-Party Policies Risk: Each Third-Party Partner Website may have its own terms of use, privacy policy, and security practices. By using shared login credentials, you acknowledge that you are subject to the policies and practices of both XERA’s Platform and the Third-Party Partner Websites. Users agree to review and understand each policy, terms, and conditions, before using the shared login feature.

6. Due Diligence: Our Services are not intended to provide financial, investment, or legal advice. The information presented in our Terms and Conditions, Privacy & Cookie Policy, and any other document or Policy regarding our Services does not amount to financial or investment advice, or a recommendation to use any Third Party-Partner Website products or services. Therefore, XERA encourages Users to consult with qualified professionals before making any decisions on the Services provided through our Platform and before using any Third Party-Partner Website.

7. Data and Security Breach Risk: XERA disclaims any liability for damage of any kind caused by data losses on computer servers, hacking, cyber security breaches, and/or any other types of losses. You further acknowledge that XERA is not responsible for any of these variables or risks and is not liable for any resulting losses that you experience while accessing or using a Third Party-Partner Website.

8. By choosing to participate in the services and products provided by XERA, independent distributors referred to as “ITD” acknowledge and understand that there are inherent risks associated with such participation. These risks include but are not limited to the following: 8.1. Referral Outcomes The success of your referrals and the associated rewards, benefits, compensations, and ranking positions are solely subject to your participation and decisions. Not all referrals may result in rewards, commissions, bonuses, compensation, or benefits, and outcomes may vary. ITD agrees and acknowledges that all such earnings and commissions on the XERA Platform are projections and are not guaranteed and all such earnings and commissions depend on multiple factors, including every individual ITD’s effort, performance, market conditions, and network dynamics, which can change over time. We explicitly disclaim any warranties or guarantees, either express or implied, regarding potential income or financial outcomes associated with membership in the Platform. ITDs are encouraged to seek advice from their own advisors, and financial and legal professionals before making any financial decisions related to the XERA Platform.

8.2. ITD’s Conduct Your participation requires compliance with ethical guidelines and responsible promotional practices. Engaging in spam, misinformation, or unethical behavior may lead to the forfeiture of rewards and removal from the program.

8.3. Market and External Factors The value of rewards, compensations, commissions, bonuses, and benefits, as well as the availability of the referral activities and Services itself, may be influenced by market conditions, technological changes, regulatory developments, and other external factors beyond the control of the XERA.

9. By proceeding with participation in our Services, you confirm that you are engaging in the referral activities and Services at your own risk and discretion. You understand that XERA does not provide any guarantees regarding the outcomes, rewards, commissions, or benefits of your referrals. You also acknowledge that the value and availability of rewards can fluctuate based on market conditions and demand.

10. Participation in our Services is a voluntary endeavor, and you are solely responsible for the decisions you make as an ITD and member of the network. It is recommended that you carefully evaluate the risks and rewards, and consider seeking independent advice if necessary. XERA is not liable for any losses, damages, or negative outcomes resulting from your participation in the referral program.

11. By continuing to participate in our Platform and our Services you indicate your acceptance of the risks and terms outlined in this disclosure clause. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the referral activities or Services, it is advised that you refrain from participating and seek further clarification.

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